• Amorphous Transformer

    Amorphous transformers are best suitable for users with relatively high no-load loss factors for lower core loss will have an effect on substantially saved owning cost. Comparison of No-load loss Single Phase Three Phase Rating (kVA) No-load losses(W) Reduction Amount Rating (kVA) No-load losses(W) Reduction Amount Amorphous Silicon Steel Amorphous Silicon Steel 10 […]

  • Oil Immersed Transformer

    Description Cheryong’s Oil immersed transformers are designed to provide the best performance and reliability. With our commitment to individualized solutions, we provide highest quality of transformers meeting or exceeding special requirements of customers. Cheryong also provides exceptional after service by dispatching highly skilled engineers and technicians all over the world. Features Advanced manufacturing and […]

  • Cast Resin Transformer

    Description Cheryong’s custom engineered Cast Resin transformers are well known domestically and internationally for its low noise and compact size. With the application of cast resin transformers, our customers can reduce costs on low voltage cabling for they are generally located and installed closer to the electrical load when compared to oil immersed transformers. Reduction […]

  • PAD Mounted Transformer

    Description Our PAD Mounted transformers are applicable for installations at busy city streets by connecting underground cables. The transformers are also protected from internal and external problems with the application of internal fuse. Our Compact Type PAD Mounted transformers are specifically designed for places which require minimum installation space. Features High […]

  • Pole Mounted Transformer

    Description Cheryong’s Pole Mounted transformers are highly reliable and are manufactured as per the requirements of customers. Wide range of standards and optional accessories are available for selections. Features High reliability Proven technology Advanced manufacturing and testing facility Applicable Standards JIS, IEC, ANSI, NEMA and CSA Product Range ▶ Pole Mounted Transformer […]

  • SIDT(Solid Insulation Distribution Transformer)

    Cheryong’s SIDT, Solid Insulation Distribution Transformer, represents a major advancement in transformer technology. The SIDT is built by oil-free construction with maintenance free solid insulation and is hermetically sealed in polymer shell. As a result, SIDT delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and safety. Because the SIDT does not contain liquids for insulation or cooling, there is […]

  • Submersible Transformer

    Description Cheryong’s Submersible Transformer features a round vertical tank for sinlge phase and rectangular design for three phase. Product Range Single phase : 15kVA through 333kVA Three Phase : 25kVA through 1000kVA High Voltage : Up to 25kV (150kV BIL) Low Voltage : Up to 600V (30kV BIL) ※ Available in Amorphous Core Standard […]

  • Special Transformer